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Cops 4 Cancer Week!

October 3, 2022 - October 7, 2022

We will be collecting Coins to Combat Childhood Cancer next week for Cops 4 Cancer.  Students are encouraged to bug their parents for spare change that is jingling in pockets, cozying up to dust bunnies in the kitchen junk drawer or hiding between the cushions on the couch.    The class who collects the most coinage will get a pizza party the following week!  Students can bring their coins to their teacher who will add all the coins up for the class each day and hand it into the office. Cops for Cancer Flyer 2022.pdf

Week’s coin breakdown:

Monday: nickels
Tuesday: dimes
Wednesday: quarters
Thursday: TOONIES FOR TAPE! (See info below for breakdown on Tape the Principal to the Wall).
Friday: loonies (bring down before recess so that we can have a grand total for the Tour de Rock)


  • For students who bring in toonies (although other denominations will do), they will have their contributions marked off on a class list at the beginning of the day.  In the afternoon, classes will go to the blacktop (gym if it’s raining) in the afternoon a few classes at a time and those who have brough toonies will be given a big piece of duct tape per toonie to tape Ms. McMaster to the wall.  Students will then head back to class.
  • We are hoping to get some parent volunteers to help with the cutting and distribution of tape to students from 12:00pm onwards…email me directly ([email protected]) and I will sign you up!
  • Students will end their day on the blacktop for a very short assembly so if you pick your children up after school, you can join the fun.

Tour de Rock: we are so fortunate to have the first responders who are our Cops 4 Cancer come to Torquay on Friday, Oct 7 in the afternoon to collect our donations and celebrate the wonderful efforts by all with our students – such a great privilege as not all schools are visited on their tour!