What are PAC Reps?

PAC Reps have a “bridge” role: they help bridge communication between the parents in your child’s class and the school, especially regarding upcoming class and school events.

PAC Reps connect with the PAC in order to relay important information about upcoming activities to your class. PAC Reps, along with all Torquay families, are encouraged to join any of the PAC meetings to give input on improving the well-being of every student at Torquay.

PAC Reps may also support your child’s teacher with a variety of communication throughout the year including helping the teacher coordinate rides or volunteers for field trips and relay other information to the class.

This role shouldn’t take much time but is a significant way to help create a well-connected school community. The PAC Rep also supports the PAC to best provide for the unique needs of our teachers, parents and children.

Become a PAC Rep

Would you like to sign up to be a PAC rep? Interested in sharing the role with another parent in the class? Please email us at [email protected] or complete the following form to sign up.

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2020-2021 REPS

Div 1
Greg Strong

Div 2
Sarah Seitz

Div 3

Div 4

Div 5
Angie Jansen

Div 6
Christina Apa

Div 7
Danielle Parandeh

Div 8
Kelly Richter

Div 9
Devon Windsor

Div 10
Miesha Knorr

Div 11

Div 12
Stacey Fraser

Div 13
Tonia D'Introno

Div 14
Kelly Richter

Div 15
no rep for this year

To contact your PAC Rep, contact us at [email protected] and we will put you in touch with them.