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May 10th Meeting

Update from Advocacy for Music in Schools - Important for MAY 10:
VCPAC was just informed that there are 2 ways the public can participate in the OPPS committee meeting on Monday, May 10:
1. They can VIEW on YouTube.
2. They can PARTICIPATE by sending an email to or call 250-475-4117. Kelly will then provide them with the Zoom link for the meeting along with instructions for how to ask questions live during the meeting.
If you would like to be part of the zoom meeting, please email your request.

Saturday, May 15th: 1:30 - 2:30 - The Last Stand

Line of people from School Board Office to the Legislature Protesting
Coordinated actions/speeches:
Kristil Hammer VCPAC Chair to have a speech that all participants will recite together at 2 p.m. Have big screens up projecting photos of people thanking their music teachers, Livestream speeches, community members and families will stand united and share their voices against the proposed cuts to SD 61 Music Programs. Stretching a distance of nearly 5km, we will share our stories and sounds with the city.
The Board of Trustees will be making their vote on the current budget on Monday, May 17. If the budget passes in its current state, all instrumental strings programs for grades 5-8 and all middle school choirs will be eliminated.
To register for your assigned, socially-distanced spot for you/your family to take a stand, please fill out this google form.
Within a few days of completing this form, you will be given your specific location. More details of activities and materials to bring will be emailed to you.

Thursday Protests May 6th and May 13th

Thursday, May 6th and May 13th: 3 - 5 p.m. -
Protest at a major intersection closest to your school or place of where you rehearse/perform. All schools, invite community groups to join, invite one or two celebrities to join and maybe speak to the media. Banners at over passes:
Please sign up your school here:
Protest Locations (
We will need certain schools to cover the over passes at:
- McKenzie and Braefoot
- Pat Bay Hwy and Rogers
- McKenzie and Carey
- Uptown at #1 Hwy
- #1 Hwy and McKenzie
Please indicate in the above document if your school will be covering these sections. We ask to create a big banner to use at these locations and not hand held signs for safety reasons (the signs falling onto cars by accident)

SD61 PAC Music Advocacy Group - 2021-2022 Budget

As you are likely aware, School District 61 staff have proposed dramatic reductions to school programs to make up for an apparent $7 million deficit. This would include cutting the grade 5 strings program, Island Ukulele and almost all music at the middle school level. This budget is currently in front of the board of trustees for review. They will vote on whether or not to approve it on May 31.

Please contact our province’s MLAs to persuade them that the provincial government should make up the shortfall in revenue and additional costs caused by COVID 19.

Click here to open a sample letter you can send to your MLAs.

If you want to do more, a group of parents, teachers and other music advocates from across School District 61 are pulling together to advocate for saving our music programs. Committees have formed that will work on things like building a better understanding of the financials, researching alternatives, organizing safe events or other outreach, and bringing together volunteers. If this issue is close to your heart, and you want to help out, there is a place for you. Please sign up on this Google form, or contact the Torquay PAC at to find out more.

Additionally, If you are posting on social media, use the following hashtags:


You can see details of the current budget proposal here.

Thank you for your help!

SD61 PAC Music Advocacy Group


Update Action Plan: SD61 Music Advocacy Group
They are working on a new "save SD61 music" website hoping to connect on events that will be happening and more information on their initiatives. Stay tuned for more information to come!
The next campaign will be lawn signs and letter writing before the Ministry for Education meets with the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer on Friday - now is not the time to stop!
See for some ideas for your letters to MLA's as well as a link below for "How To" on making lawn signs. How great will it be to drive down any given street in Victoria and see a myriad of Lawn Signs posted?!
1) Lawn signs - there is a great video on how to make a really effective and easy to read lawn sign.
Additionally, some volunteers from their Event Co-ordination & Volunteers committee have put together this wonderful "How To" create a great Save SD61 Music lawn sign.
2) Letter writing - continue with letters to the Minister of Education before she meets with the superintendent and secretary treasurer on Friday. They recommend writing to the Education Minister, Jennifer Whiteside, the Finance Minister, Selina Robinson and your local MLA's (all contact email addresses are provided for you on the template. Please consider getting your kids to write letters as well. This doesn't have to be just a parent initiative! Esquimalt High students hosted a zoom "letter writing" session last week - perhaps your school would like to do the same!
SD61 Music Advocacy Group thanks you for your support! Both the SD61 Trustees and the Provincial Government are taking notice.

PAC Annual General Meeting

Attend the PAC AGM on Wednesday, May 12

Torquay School event listings are gleaned from Thursday updates sent by the school administration. For the latest and most accurate updates on these events, please check your email or visit the Torquay School website.