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Call out for PAC Executive Positions & Volunteers for 2022/2023

PAC Executive roles (particularly President, Vice President, Treasure) are vacant for 2022/23 - if you are interested or want to know more, please email before the AGM on May 11.  Also looking for Fun Lunch Assistant volunteer(s).
Ahead of the AGM, please complete the PAC Community Building and Fundraising for 2022/23 survey . Survey is open until May 8.

PAC Community Building & Fundraising for 2022/23

It is with great sadness that we inform that Jordan passed away on November 1st. Thank you all so much for the support you have shown to Jordan and her family. Any and all remaining donations will be placed in bank accounts for her children, Jules and Alice, to access when they are older. Jordan will be so missed and this is a truly heartbreaking loss.

Opa! Fun Lunch

Opa Fun Lunch is Wednesday, May 25

Kindergarten Orientation

Kindergarten orientation on Wednesday, May 26

Class and Whole School Photo Day

Get creative on Monday, May 30

Pizza Fun Lunch

Pizza Fun Lunch is Wednesday, June 1

Subway Fun Lunch

Subway Fun Lunch is Wednesday, June 8

Kernals Popcorn Fundraiser

Kernals Popcorn orders delivery on Jun 9, 2022

Torquay School event listings are gleaned from Thursday updates sent by the school administration. For the latest and most accurate updates on these events, please check your email or visit the Torquay School website.