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SD61 PAC Music Advocacy Group - 2021-2022 Budget

As you are likely aware, School District 61 staff have proposed dramatic reductions to school programs to make up for an apparent $7 million deficit. This would include cutting the grade 5 strings program, Island Ukulele and almost all music at the middle school level. This budget is currently in front of the board of trustees for review. They will vote on whether or not to approve it on May 31.

Please contact our province’s MLAs to persuade them that the provincial government should make up the shortfall in revenue and additional costs caused by COVID 19.

Click here to open a sample letter you can send to your MLAs.

If you want to do more, a group of parents, teachers and other music advocates from across School District 61 are pulling together to advocate for saving our music programs. Committees have formed that will work on things like building a better understanding of the financials, researching alternatives, organizing safe events or other outreach, and bringing together volunteers. If this issue is close to your heart, and you want to help out, there is a place for you. Please sign up on this Google form, or contact the Torquay PAC at to find out more.

Additionally, If you are posting on social media, use the following hashtags:


You can see details of the current budget proposal here.

Thank you for your help!

SD61 PAC Music Advocacy Group

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